Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Raspberry lemonade with Magnesium

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted anything! I have been working on some new recipes and like everything else; it’s not always perfect the first time so I’ve had a lot of not so good results. The good news is I’ve been cooking up a storm all weekend and I have so many new recipes to share I don’t know where to start!
I made this lemonade a few weeks ago and it was amazing but fall is around the corner and I am already dreaming of soups, apple sauce and butternut squash everything! Fall is always so exciting! Nice fresh air, new fashion, back to warm winter jackets and comfy boots, the snow, Christmas (don’t get me started on Christmas. I have to fight so hard not to listen to Christmas music already!) I love it! Now I woke up this morning and after a week of dreaming about my new winter boots and cross-country skiing, it’s almost 20 degrees out and it feels like summer again. It totally screwed up my mood but I thought hey! Maybe it’s not too late for one last lemonade…
Everybody could benefit from some extra magnesium. It’s great for many reasons including strong bones and teeth and digestion but the most awesome one is helping you relax all your muscles and reducing stress. I was a bit insulted when I first bought it because it says CALM on the bottle, and everyone knows I hate when people tell me to calm down. If I was calm, you probably wouldn’t be getting recipes right now because I would be sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter #17. That being said, I love taking magnesium with hot water before bed because it helps me fall asleep quickly and my body feels really relaxed. If you exercise a lot, it really helps! And for the ladies, it’s particularly awesome for that time of the month…

Raspberry lemonade with Magnesium
Prep time: 5 min    Cooking time: 0      Servings: 2
½ cup Water
1-2 tsp Magnesium (I buy Natural Calm/ Lemon Raspberry flavour)
½ cup Frozen Raspberries
½ Lemon
1 tsp Lemon zest
1 tbsp Agave Nectar
2 cups Water
Start with heating up ½ cup water. Remove from heat and add magnesium. Stir until it stops bubbling. Set aside to cool (if you have some ice cubes try adding on to the water to cool it faster). Grate and press the juice of the lemon. Add the magnesium water mix in the blender with all other ingredients. Process for about 45 sec or until everything is well combined. Enjoy!

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