Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Raw Peanut Butter Rolls

Forget learning today because it’s Halloween! I hope you have an awesome party planned out or mad candy to give out! I was trying to decide if I would dress up at work or not and it got me thinking about all the crazy costumes I had over the years, including a big alarm clock in which I couldn’t walk and a two-person camel costume, in which I couldn’t walk either (for some reason I liked very complicated costumes!) Surprised much? Getting older, Halloween has lost a bit of its appeal, especially on the candy side. I am such a sucker for holidays that I thought I had to bring some Halloween excitement back into my life.

In my search for new awesome Halloween traditions, I remembered that my mom use to make some tasty potato & peanut butter candy and I thought those might pass the test of “healthy home-made candy”. Well, they didn’t! First ingredient on the list was 2lbs of icing sugar. 2lbs!!! For a recipe that only yields 20 candies. No wonder I was such a hyper kid! After laughing so much with my mom about our diverging point of view on sugar, I decided I was going to revamp that recipe, gangnam style.

So here is it, the recipe that is healthy and sweet, according to the sugar police.

Raw Peanut Butter Rolls

Prep time:  30 minutes   Cooling time: 1hr    Servings:  About 20 rolls


1/3 cup yams puree room temperature
2 cup Raw Almonds (Not roasted)
3/4 cup Organic Sucanat (Fair trade is always better)
Half Vanilla Bean
1/2 cup Natural Peanut butter

 Boil the yams in hot water for about 15 minutes. Drain and let cool before processing it in a blender until you get a very smooth texture. In the meantime, blend the almonds to a powder, using a food processor. Mix yam puree, sugar, grounded almonds and vanilla bean (The vanilla bean has to be sliced lengthwise to extract the vanilla seeds). Keep mixing until the dough is really smooth and sticky (you can use a hand mixer on low if you have one). On parchment paper, stretch the dough to a 10x16 rectangle using a rolling pin. Evenly spread the almond butter on top and roll the whole thing. Place in the fridge for one hour. Cut the roll in slices of about ½ inch each. You’re done!

Happy Halloween!

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