Saturday, 26 January 2013

Good Mood Salad with Sweet Raspberry Dressing

Very simple lesson this week. Sometimes, all you need is a big giant bowl of sweet and simple salad. Literally. I feel like this week was a bit of a battle and as always, I was determined to win it. I went to the store and bought everything to make me feel better and rushed home to mix the magic. Tomato Soup, Fresh Pesto, Quinoa Burgers and (my new addiction) Chocolate covered Ginger. After making everything, I had a huge feast of it all and waited for some sort of contentment that never came.

The next day, I had almost given up so I put together a very simple and quick salad that ended up making me feel way better than I was hoping for. Vegetables. I should have known. As soon as all this fresh goodness hit the spot, I figured I had to share the recipe with you, so you can feel better right away without going through the extra 3 hours in the kitchen, preparing the all your extra pretend feel good food.

Oh and if there is any other lesson to learn this week here it is. You can never go wrong with Raspberries.

Good Mood Salad with Sweet Raspberry Dressing


1 cup Spinach
Half cucumber
Half Bell Pepper (I chose an orange one here to make it pop)
1/2 cup Cherry Tomatoes


1/4 Raspberries
1Tbsp Flax oil
1Tbsp Hemp oil
Sea salt & Pepper to taste
3 fresh Basil Leaves
1Tsp Agave
1Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
1Tbsp Black Sesame seeds (They make everything look fancy!)

Cut up the veggies and toss everything in a bowl. Cover with a lid or a plastic wrap and shake it until everything is well mixed! Yep, it's that easy!

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